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MPS Parents please read information below 

MPS Parents

If you are an MPS Parent, we have already assigned you a User Name and Password.  It is NOT the same as your Parent Portal (Vue) username/password. Click on the Parent Instructions tab below for information on how to obtain your Username and Password.  Do NOT create a Guest Account. MPS Parents must use their assigned User Name and Password to make payments for their Student.



If you are NOT an MPS Parent and are new to MPS web pay, please create a Guest Account.  Student fees and fines for students enrolled in an MPS school CANNOT be paid through a Guest Account. MPS parents - see instructions above for MPS Parents.


Need help?

  • Do you need help with your Username and Password? MPS Parents, read info to the left and then click on the Parent Instructions tab to the left. Guests will need to create a Guest Account (see info to the left).
  • Course fees and optional items, i.e. yearbooks, for the '21-'22 school year will be posted and payments can be made starting July 21st.
  • MPS Parents who have read the Parent Instructions to the left and still cannot sign in, email us: your name, your 8 digit username, and the name(s) of your child(ren).  These and other questions can be emailed to:


Please Note

Processing fees apply to some purchases.

The ECA tax credit is limited to $200 for single individuals and $400 for married couples per calendar year

ECA donations do NOT have processing fees.

ECA donations are non-refundable.

ECA donations are non-transferable.